Gonna Get There: The Story

One of my brothers is a musician. He writes and plays his own music and is super fun to watch live. A few years ago, John wrote a song called “Gonna Get There.” One of the lines that has always stuck out to me is in the bridge. It sings, “I’ve still got hope in the midst of pain”. This idea of hope in the middle of pain encapsulates my take on faith and my individual purpose in this life. Pain is real, constant, and widespread. As a somewhat cynical person, this reality can often win the day. This is why I cling to the hope in the middle of pain. Pain is real, but so is hope.

The chorus of this song is as follows: “It’ll be all right, it’ll be okay, I’m learning to fall the right way/ I’ll take my time, it’ll be just fine/ I’m gonna get there someday.”

This blog is about just that. My figuring out what it means to have hope, what it means to make mistakes and learn from them, and everything in between. I often find myself troubled by the fact that “there” eludes me.  John’s song isn’t about the there, it’s about the process of getting there. So this blog is about the journey: the honest and hard moments  and the ones that remind us to not to always take things so seriously.

Thanks for reading!



2 Responses to “Gonna Get There: The Story”

  1. Aurora

    Wow! You have put words to how I feel many times in my life. Thank you!


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